Moldova is a small and uniquely charming country, tucked away between Romania and Ukraine in the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe. On the map it looks like a bunch of ripe grapes, which is no coincidence: Moldova has the highest percentage of land dedicated to vineyards in the world. Looking for more than just magnets to take home from your trip? As one of the least visited countries in the world, Moldova will surprise and intrigue you at every turn, leaving you with unforgettable memories and unique stories to tell your friends.

And while it’s not visited often, all roads lead to Moldova. Fly to the capital, Chisinau, drive or jump on a train from one of our neighbors, or even take a ferry to our southern port on the Danube river.


Moldovan hospitality

It’s the people that make Moldova special!

Wine, wine and more wine!

Wine is the pride of the Moldovan people and it’s what makes this country truly special!


Moldovans respect the traditions, folk art and craftsmanship.

The National Kitchen

Traditional Moldavian cuisine captures its simplicity and diversity